Joseph Hayter

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    Joseph Hayter
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    United Kingdom

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    White English
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    • I starred in the 2005 Burning Film Productions film “The Untold Nativity” and assisted with selecting the locations, wardrobe and the shooting.
    • I have written two screenplays “The Rayleigh Rally” and “Airshow.”
    • In addition to this, I have written three comedy sketches entitled Speak to Joe.The Rayleigh Rally has been featured in the February 2013 edition of the Inktip magazine.

    • I am highly mobile and flexible; I hold a full Driving Licence and Passport. I have access to a car regularly. I am highly negotiable and adaptable for playing different roles whether they are with an emphasis on being visual, interacting and on speaking parts.

    • I took part in a traffic jam sequence for the new Bond film Skyfall. BAFTA winner for Outstanding British Film and Original Film Music 2013. London. February 2012.

    • I took part in a Metropolitan Police voiceover for analyses of new voice recording equipment. London. February / March 2012.

    • I had a walk-on part set in a Moscow hotel in the film Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. London. October 2012.

    • I had a walk-on part set outside West Herts College in the film Plastic. Watford. Herts. February 2013.

    • I was involved as a footballer in a Strongbow TV Ad. London. April 2013.

    • I had two walk-on parts in the film Une Rencontre. London. May 2013.

    • Starred in C4 comedy Man Down. Hertfordshire. July 2013.

    • Starred in Paddy Power Ad. Leyton Orient FC. July 2013.

    • Starred in The Gunman. London. September 2013.

    • Starred in Pudsey The Dog: The Movie. Hertfordshire. September 2013.

    • Starred in Microsoft Ad. London. October 2013.

    • Starred in The Armstrong Lie. London. November 2013.

    • Gillian Taylforth: The Trial. Sian Rayment. Surrey. November 2013.

    • Starred in Breaking the Bank. London and Surrey. March / April 2014.

    • Starred in Dracula Untold. London. June 2014.

    • Starred in The Outcast. Bedfordshire. October 2014.

    • Starred in The Ones Below. London. October 2014.

    • Viral for Canary Islands. London. January 2015.

    • BT Sport. London. March 2015.

    • Starred in Fan. London. March / April 2015.

    • Starred in Heineken Ad. London. April 2015.

    • Starred in Plenty Ad. London. April 2015.

    • Starred in Tuc Ad. Middlesex. April 2015.

    • Starred in Betfair Ad. London. July 2015.

    • Starred in The Trainline Ad. London. August 2015.

    • Starred in Housefull 3. London. September 2015.

    • Starred in Tesco Ad. Suffolk. October 2015.

    • Was a Seminar Man in War Machine. London and Surrey. October 2015.

    • Starred in ADHM. London. October / December 2015.

    • Played a soldier in Wonder Woman. Essex. November 2015.

    • Starred in BBC FA CUP PROMO. Crystal Palace FC. November 2015.

    • Starred in Bees Make Honey. Buckinghamshire. November / December 2015.

    • Starred in Admiral Insurance Ad. Surrey. January 2016.

    • Starred in Above the Water. London. March 2016.

    • Starred in 50 Ways to kill your Lover. London. April 2016.

    • Starred in Passage of My Youth. London. May / June 2016.

    • Starred in Final Score. West Ham Utd FC. The Boleyn Ground. London. August 2016.

    • Played a soldier in Darkest Hour. Kent. November 2016.

    • Starred in Boogie Man. Hertfordshire. April 2017.

    • Starred in Cobra. Essex. April 2017.

    • Starred in an Exxon Mobil Ad. London. June 2017.

    • My natural accent is Middle English, however I can perfect the following accents too, East London (Cockney.) Essex, Mancunian, Liverpudlian, Welsh, Scottish, Irish and West Midlands. Just about any, you name it and I will do it. I also speak French and can demonstrate European, American, Canadian and South African accents.
    • I am highly mobile and flexible, I hold a full Driving Licence and Passport. I have access to a car regularly. I am highly negotiable and adaptable for playing different roles whether they be with an emphasis on being visual, interacting and speech.
    • My hobbies are playing sport, aviation, travel, art, film, writing and reading.

  • Skills:
    -I play the Piano and am able to read music, I came third at the Piano Solo at the 1989 Leigh–on – Sea Musical Festival and have passed Grades 1 and 2 Pianoforte examinations, held aloft by the Royal Schools of Music.

    -I play recreational football and tennis, am a keen aviation enthusiast who has piloted light aircraft and excels at aircraft recognition.

    -Am a keen swimmer, cyclist and practitioner of other water sports and extreme sports such as orienteering, mountain walking and abseiling. I also practice martial arts.

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