Belal Sabir

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    Belal Sabir
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    United Kingdom

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    I have been performing for over 2.5 years, having completed over 30 productions ranging from; TV and Adverts lasting a few days or Feature films spanning over months across the UK.

    Being self-employed I have full availability throughout the week and weekends, I hold both a valid DBS and clean-full UK Driving Licence along with my own a Car, residing in North West London; with full links to Train networks.

    Representing not only myself as a performer, but also multiple agencies; I am very aware of how I am perceived and hold a high standard of professionalism that translates into all my work and client relationships - Each role is a new challenge I beckon to explore and give my entire core to the performance required.

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    I can speak Queens and Street English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi.
    Also do MMA

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