Alex Peretti

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    Alex Peretti
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    United Kingdom

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    Please consider my application for SA Supporting Artist. I am great and reliable professional

    - Dual nationality holder (Brazilian and Italian)
    - UK Experienced supporting artist since 2016
    - MBA student only, therefore high availability to work as SA any day at any time
    - Based in great London but can drive outside areas
    - I drive my own car and have a easy access to public transport 24/7
    - I have a valid National Insurance number and DBS
    - Wardrobe: up-to-date, always looking to keep up with fashion (no problem if need to buy or take clothing to set)
    - I open minded person, patient, easy to get well and respectful.

    Many thanks,
    Alex Peretti

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    - I speak fluently Portuguese, Spanish, and English

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