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We are looking for lively identical twin brothers aged 18-35 for an exciting new TV dating project!
If you are single, competitive and looking for love, we want to hear from you!
To find out more, please contact:
The show is in the development stages at the moment, but if we are commissioned for a series and you are selected to take part, we will cover the cost of your transportation to our filming location, as well as your accommodation and food expenses.

Application deadline: 22/12/17Create Appointment

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Urgent Babies Wanted.

A TV drama is looking for babies to star in a show filming in the Devon and Cornwall Bristol.   They need:
*A newborn for filming on 27th November with blue eyes and blonde hair.
*A newborn for filming on the 11th, 15th and 18th of December.
*A 3-5-week-old with blue eyes and blonde hair for filming on 27th November and 14th December.
These children can be male or female and don’t necessarily have to be twins or triplets, so feel free to tag your singleton parent friends.
If you’d like to be considered please email your name, contact details, a recent photo of your baby/babies and their DOB to or call Sandra on 0208 3812229. 

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PAMPERS are looking for little stars for their new TV and online Christmas advertising campaign.

The baby care/nappy company would like to hear from people in the Southampton area (inc Portsmouth and Bournemouth) as filming will take place at Southampton General Hospital.

They’re looking for: mums who will be in their third trimester of pregnancy in mid-November, newborn babies who will be born week commencing 7th November, and anyone who happens to have their babies at Southampton General Hospital on 15/16thNovember (if you have a planned c-section for either of these dates, please get in touch now).

They’re looking for singletons, twins, triplets and more, so this casting is open to lots of people, as long as they’re able to film in Southampton.

To take part, please email your name, contact details and due date to or call Sandra on 0208 3812229.

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Urgently Required for one day filming next Monday the 30th.

New Born Baby Girl or Boy As New Born As Poss Based With In The M25 Area.


Please Call Sandra

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Feature Film UK

Casting Call: Producers of a new feature film are looking for four sets of identical twins for filming across England and Scotland, aged from babies to 13 year olds. Details of the various requirements are below. If you’d like to apply for any of the roles, please email your name, contact details, a photo of your twins and their DOBs to or call Sandra on 0208 3812229.

*Identical boys aged 10-18 months to be walking at this stage in August. They will be in close contact with dogs for filming. Contact Sandra (above) to find out more about the nature of this contact. The boys should be available from 24-26 August in Derbyshire, 7-9 September in Scotland and the 18th and 26th of October at Pinewood Studios in west London. Travel days to and from home are included in these dates.

*Identical boys, aged 3, would be great if they had some knowledge of French  filming in Scotland – travelling from home on 7th September, filming on the 8th and travelling back home on the 9th.

*Identical twin girls, aged 8-9, for filming on 14th September in Scotland. Ideally the family will live in Scotland.

*Identical twin boys, aged 11-13, for filming on 14th September in Scotland. Ideally the family will live in Scotland.

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New Born twins


We require New Born twins for a casting next Monday in London it’s for a TV Commercial.  Shoot 20th May also one more day between 21st and 26th May.

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Unusual Looking male & female adult twins required for a production that Sandra is working on. Filming is in the UK so only Artist’s from here need to apply please.

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Twins needed!

For twin fMRI study

Earn £30 + travel costs

We are looking for healthy adult twins to participate in an fMRI study investigating factors underlying visual perception and
cortical architecture.

Participants complete a behavioural computer task as well as an fMRI scan, with the study lasting up to 3 hours in total.

Get a free copy of your brain scan on completion!

ACCEPTING PARTICIPANTS UNTIL THE MIDDLE OF 2017! Interested? Contact Nonie Finlayson: (077 8493 1276)

Department of Experimental Psychology 26 Bedford Way

This study has been approved by the UCL Research Ethics Officer
[Project ID Number: fMRI/2012/007]


  • Twins (or multiples)
  • 18+ years
  • Identical or non-identical
  • Can travel to Lond
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Talented Animals Required

Talented Animals required for work in TV & Photographic work please attach a picture along with info also let us know if they hold a passport.

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