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Required 2-4 years identical male twins to film in the Leeds & Bradford area for around ten day’s filming in May.  Please e-mail pictures as soon as poss.

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Baby Boy Identical Twins 20 to 26 months

We are looking to cast a set of Male identical twins age 20 to 26 months for a days filming in May filming in  the surrey area,   please contact Sandra

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Red Hair Twins Required

Male or Female twins age 2 to 12 years must have red hair and live in the London area.


Required for filming around May 2017.

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Unusual Looking male & female adult twins required for a production that Sandra is working on. Filming is in the UK so only Artist’s from here need to apply please.

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Twins needed!

For twin fMRI study

Earn £30 + travel costs

We are looking for healthy adult twins to participate in an fMRI study investigating factors underlying visual perception and
cortical architecture.

Participants complete a behavioural computer task as well as an fMRI scan, with the study lasting up to 3 hours in total.

Get a free copy of your brain scan on completion!

ACCEPTING PARTICIPANTS UNTIL THE MIDDLE OF 2017! Interested? Contact Nonie Finlayson: (077 8493 1276)

Department of Experimental Psychology 26 Bedford Way

This study has been approved by the UCL Research Ethics Officer
[Project ID Number: fMRI/2012/007]


  • Twins (or multiples)
  • 18+ years
  • Identical or non-identical
  • Can travel to Lond
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Talented Animals Required

Talented Animals required for work in TV & Photographic work please attach a picture along with info also let us know if they hold a passport.

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